Workshop Information

Workshop Information


Workshop & Appearance Information

I am always open to opportunities to run writing workshops, speak about books, writing, reading, and whatnot. Whether online or in person, I will work with you to create the program, book talk, or workshop you are looking for. I have some basic info about pricing and sample workshops below.  If you’d like to speak with some of the past attendees or organizers, I would be happy to arrange this!

Comments about Workshops

“Ms. Barger is professional and a natural educator. She quickly took control of the class and guided the students through an insightful and applicable workshop. She also went above and beyond, sharing promotional items, signing, and even donating a signed book. I highly recommend her for a school visit! “
-Carrie Campbell, Librarian, Luray High School
“Vanessa Barger developed a high energy workshop focused on engaging the creativity of today’s technology driven kids. We highly recommend Vanessa’s book as well as this workshop. Our students had a great time with the lesson and came away with a greater understanding of not only writing their own stories, but how to critically read and understand the books they read in school.”
-Barbara Antis, Librarian, Landstown High School

“Vanessa Barger has a wonderful personality and talent for keeping students entertained. Her knowledge and advice on writing for students were wonderful.”
~St. Clare Walker Middle School

“Our students love her, look forward to her returning, and always have specific areas mentioned on their reflections – like strategies for character development – that they will use in their writing. Great!”
~English Teacher, Landstown High School

“I’m so glad students got to hear from a published author. It gave them a road map to follow their own ambitions.”
~Landstown High School

Sample Workshops
Traditional Author Visit/Book Talk

  • I am always happy to do a traditional author visit and/or book talk and discuss my novel(s) and my journey as a writer

Basics of Fiction Writing

  • This workshop is designed to help students learn the basics of developing a story. From finding inspiration and creating believable characters, to basic plot guidelines and outlining, students will get valuable information to get them started on their writing journey.

Advanced Fiction Writing

  • This workshop is geared for students who are already prolific writers and need help refining their craft. We will cover topics such as detailed outlining, building tension, writing believable dialog, and editing.

Theme/topic flexible Workshop

  • There is no outline for this workshop, as the topic and what is covered can be flexible. If you’d like an intensive workshop on finding inspiration, editing, critiquing, or just the process behind publication and being an author, and anything in between. I am happy to work with you and your students’ needs to set up what you need.

Writing for Teens (Adult workshop)

  • This is a beginner’s course for those interested in writing for young adults. In the workshop we will discuss the difference between middle grade, young adult, and new adult novels. We will also go through some basic tips for writers, and discuss the current trends and topics in young adult literature. 

Website Building for Writers

  • Building a website is an important way to help gain readership, spread the word about your upcoming events, and connect with readers. This workshop is designed to be an introduction to using available free website building and hosting sites to create a professional site that can be easily updated.

Other possible workshop topics:

  • Writing for MG/YA audiences
  • Writing Paranormal and Fantasy
  • Getting Published
  • Query Letters
  • Keeping an Idea Journal
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Creating Characters with Depth
  • Writing for Different Genres

Contact Information and Pricing

All workshops include handouts. Pricing will change depending on the workshop location, size of group, and type of presentation.

If you are a teacher or librarian, please say so! I am a teacher, and I know how difficult budgets are at the moment.We might be able to work something out.

I’m also available for Skype visits, which are usually free!

To book an event, for more information, questions, or a price quote, please email me at