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#AprilCreativity – Day 2

#AprilCreativity – Day 2

Today’s Prompt

Today’s prompt is a music video. Feel free to just listen and not let the images influence your prompt, or watch the video and see what it brings to mind – whatever works best for you!


The Details

All #AprilCreativity is, at its most basic, is a bunch of writing prompts that I create or find and then post on the blog and my instagram page. On occaision, I’ll also post snippets of writing that came from my use of the prompts, and I’d love to see yours as well!

Feel free to reblog the prompts on instagram, just please tag me in them!

If you reblog or retweet or otherwise share, use the #AprilCreativity hashtag.

Write! I want these to be something that you find useful. If they aren’t useful, then I’m not meeting my goal. If you really like a prompt (or type of prompt), let me know. Same if you hate it. I’d love to have the feedback so I can do better next time.

There will be one each day in April, and they will vary between photo prompts, youtube/musical prompts, and word prompts.

A few tips

If you’re struggling with where to start, I have a few suggestions.

  • Look the photo over for a few moments. Make a list of the things that stand out to you. Then use as many or as few of those things as the focal point of your first few sentences.
  • Start by describing the scene in the photo. See if that takes you somewhere else.
  • Look at the photo for a few moments. Then set a timer and write anything that comes to mind for five minutes. If the timer goes off and you’re on a roll, ignore it and continue. If you are struggling, go ahead and stop. You never know what gem might be hiding in what you think is terrible writing.
  • Save everything you write!

Also, don’t forget about the #30daystarchallenge! If you’re interested in finding out more about that, which is a daily word count goal challenge I’m running at the same time, just visit the other blog posts.

I hope you’ll join me! Connect with me over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! I always love talking to readers and writers!