A Break from the Norm

A Break from the Norm

I’m going to take a slight deviation from the normal focus on words and books and writing here today. Because as many of you who follow me on instagram may have figured out, I have a love for crafty things.

No, really, its kind of a problem.

I have also been on a quest for the last five years or so to get healthier, especially when it comes to what I eat and making more things for myself. Its led to some interesting discoveries – but that’s a long and involved post for another time (and probably place). One of those journeys into making things for myself led me into making soap and body products. I LOVE it. I mean, its just fun, AND its like playing MAD scientist while still being artsy. And you have to use it, because its soap. What’s not to love here?

So i’m totally hijacking my own blog to post about my small hobby/business – Lyebrarian Soaps! If you’re interested, stop by my etsy store or website and see what you think. There will be lots of things coming up on the website soon – right now I’m focusing on making lots of things to restock after pretty much selling or giving what I had for Christmas. 

I really love making soap. It kind of makes me feel like a mad scientist and an artist all at the same time. Which means that I cackle while I mix lye. Ask my husband. He’s smart enough to stay away and play video games while I’m messing with soap. 🙂 And when I’m making cards. I love sending and recieving snail mail, so I also make a lot of cards. I’d always hand drawn them before – but I got a Cricut machine for Christmas, and now I can scan in my images and recreate them in half the time. 

The US post office will be getting a lot of my money in stamps, I think. I mean, who doesn’t love snail mail, really?

Do you have any hobbies you love? I’d love to hear about it!

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