#AprilCreativity – Day 2 – Dreaming

#AprilCreativity – Day 2 – Dreaming

I’m starting you off slowly – so don’t worry. This one is pretty easy. Today, I want you to think back to a dream you had. Maybe it was last night, maybe it was one from a couple weeks or months ago that really stuck with you. If you can’t remember a dream that you like, or will think will work, call a friend or two and ask about their dreams. Then take that, and spend five minutes writing about it. You can describe it. You can write what happened after you woke up. You can write about something totally different. Entirely up to you!

If you’re doing an art journal, then draw a character from the dream. Doesn’t have to be human. Or draw a scene. Whichever will work best for you.

Don’t forget – if you want to share what you’ve come up with, you can do it here in the comments or on social media with the hashtag #AprilCreativity.

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