Being A Writer…

Being A Writer…

Every writer, no matter how successful, has moments where they doubt themselves. I’m almost certain of that. Maybe its the nature of a passion where you spend the majority of your time alone, parked in front of a computer or notebook or typewriter, with only imaginary people for company. (Outside of those distracting you on Twitter or FB, of course. lol) I think the thing that sets some writers apart from others is whether or not you persevere at it. If you allow it to, life will swallow ALL your free time, and you will use that as an excuse why you aren’t writing.

The cat needed fed. The garden weeded. Work ran late. Dinner had to be made. Laundry done.

They’re all valid things. For me, lately, I’ve learned that balancing a real life with writing is hard work. I love writing. I love the process of making things up and writing them down and sharing them with people. I like (weirdo that I am) cutting and chopping out words to make a sentence cleaner and smoother. I love the ways that words affect us. The way they taste on your lips and sing in your ears and touch your heart. Without words, life as we know it wouldn’t be the same.

There have been several times in the last few months when I have debated whether the writing was worth it. There has been so much going on – teaching, moving, wedding stuff, life – that I sometimes looked at the computer and the things I wanted to do and just gave up. I was tired. It could wait.

But I miss it. That tells me I’m doing something right. That I really am, maybe, meant to be a writer.

So, while I may be a bit spotty for the next month or so – the wedding and honeymoon are fast approaching – I’ll be back. With more stories. Hopefully more books. I’ve got a lot of ideas scribbled down, and I intend to act on them. Schedules will be made and adhered to. Words will be written.

I hope you all stick around to see them!

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