Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy

I decided on this (FINALLY) sunny Friday, I’d list my personal “Friday Five” tasks that must happen this weekend. Hear that world? MUST. HAPPEN.


1. I must finish packing the bookcases (we won’t discuss how many small boxes this takes.) and get half the kitchen packed.

2. I must work out the wedding centerpiece details with my MOH and BFF and maybe even Mom.

3. I must get MORE SLEEP. (Most unlikely of the bunch)

4. I must work on beading my wedding veil. Its halfway done! 

5. I must work on building a personal plan for book promotion and general writing promotion. I’m putting together a press kit, and I really want to do more speaking engagements. Anyone looking for an author to speak? I was invited to one conference, but my honeymoon wouldn’t be over yet. While I love writing and conferences… its my honeymoon, after all. I can’t be bummed about that!

What are you working toward this weekend?

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