Buying the Perfect Gift

Buying the Perfect Gift

I’ve run into a problem this holiday season. I’m one of those people who has a tendency to either know EXACTLY what I’m getting everyone for Christmas, or nothing. This year has been a nothing year. I mean, yeah, people have given me lists. And a couple of people have been easy. But as a whole, not so much.

I love getting people gifts at Christmas. I love wrapping them and making them look pretty, and watching faces when people open it. But I also like to buy things that aren’t on anyone’s lists. That way they get something they didn’t know about. I mean, if you only got what you wrote down, that would be boring, right?

My husband was one of the more difficult ones. He doesn’t ask for much, so I was trying to think of something he’d like and wouldn’t expect. Two days ago, I got it! 

Oh, its great. And I really excited to give it to him. Hence the reason I can’t tell you what it is. Just that its awesome. I can’t even give you a hint, because if he sees this, he’ll totally guess. He’s good at that.

But where he’s done, I’ve got a couple other people yet to finish. I’m going to be one of those shoppers out this weekend and probably next trying to figure it out. *gulp*

Got any tips? I’m all ears!

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