Day 5 – Exciting things in the works!

Day 5 – Exciting things in the works!

You know what I said about destressing before? I’m going to need my own advice here pretty soon!

I got official confirmation yesterday, so I’m telling you now – you want to be in Virginia Beach on May 30!

I’m putting together a Teen Book Festival (It’ll also be open to MG and Children’s books as well!) and I’m trying to put together something really awesome. Already, the authors who have emailed are FANTASTIC and I think if they can make it out, it will be spectacular! I’m hoping to have some author workshops, panels, and book talks as well. Once I get everything ironed out, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, feel free to spread the word and let any authors of YA, MG, NA, and Children’s books know that we’re putting on a festival and to get in touch with me if interested! 

I think that’s enough news for one day – I’d love to hear the types of things YOU’D want to attend at a festival – any specific panel topics, workshop topics, or etc?

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