December Countdown and #NaBloPoMo

December Countdown and #NaBloPoMo

This December I’ve decided to try #NaBloPoMo or National Blog Post Month. I found the idea on BlogHer and I decided it was a great way to kick myself into gear for the blog. I’m also going to try to include a photo a day, complied from different December photo challenge lists and my brain. I’ll post it later today if you want to participate!

Before I get to the blog post, I have to say thank you to the Beacon section of the Virginian Pilot for the great article they ran this weekend! I haven’t been able to see it in person yet, but my mother bough 3 copies and I’ve gotten multiple comments on the article and how great it is. So thanks!

But for the first December post, let’s talk about something fun… maybe decorating?

I love decorating for Christmas. Probably because my mom always decorates the house fabulously for the holiday. This year got off to a rocky start, since we pulled out the Christmas tree box, but found the tree’s main support pole was gone. I was a bit sad when we hunted and finally realized it just wasn’t there. It meant a new tree, and it meant the old one, which is as old as I am (if not older) and came from my parents, was about to bite the dust. Even worse, it meant shopping on Black Friday weekend (though, thankfully, it was Saturday). I’m not a fan of crowds, but it wasn’t too bad on Saturday, and I knew it would be the best time to find one on sale.

It also meant DH and I would be buying a new tree our first Christmas as a married couple, and that is not so bad either. I think in the end, it turned out pretty well. And as much as I wanted an unlit tree (which is apparently hard to find now) the prelit was easier since there was no need to string lights on it.

I think it turned out well, don’t you?

I also found a beautiful Christmas church from a Christmas village set in a consignment store. I love those village things, but there’s no space. But someday there might be, and then… watch out! lol

Here’s my list of things I plan to incorporate somewhere in my blog posts as photos. I’m not going in any particular order, so I’ll cross them off the master list when I post them. Feel free to join in and post a link to your blog post – I’d love to see them!

December Photo Themes

  • Christmas Tree
  • Lights
  • Favorite Holiday Movie
  • Tree Topper
  • Tradition
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Something you’re reading
  • Gifts
  • Cutest Pet
  • Favorite ornament
  • Red
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Words
  • Sky View

  • Outside decorations
  • Today’s Temperature
  • Grateful
  • Fun
  • Adventure
  • Shopping
  • Homemade
  • Favorite drink
  • Love
  • Warm
  • Busy Hands
  • Favorite Tradition
  • Family
  • Celebrate
  • Resolution
  • Sweet

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