Hampton Roads Teen Book Festival

Hampton Roads Teen Book Festival

As many of you know, a couple weeks ago, I organized and put together the Hampton Roads Teen Book Festival! I was really nervous – it was the first time I’d put it together, and I had all these amazing authors who had donated their Saturday to come out and do this…. so many things could happen!

But I’m here to tell you, the event was great! Our attendance was lower than I’d hoped – but when you have no budget to work with, the 50-75 we got was pretty good. More importantly, everyone who came was really interested in the books and talking with the authors, which made them a mighty fabulous crowd! So if you were there, THANK YOU!

Books-A-Million came out and sold books, and we had panels, workshops, and lots of opportunities for authors to get to know each other. Overall, the event went really well, and I have lots of ideas for next year. Cause, of course, this was a starter year. Next year, go big or go home. 

I’m already plotting, so if you’re an author who wants to come out….. lol

Anyway, THANK YOU to all the authors and patrons and to the Virginia Beach Public Library and BAM for making all this a success!

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