Holy Cow!

Holy Cow!

I posted the blog, but came back to add – 


ahem. Go on, arrrrr all over the place today. 

Now, let’s go back to the regular blog post!

There has been a lot going on lately. Like, a LOT. This is not a bad thing. Its good – but I’m really hoping this weekend is for sleeping. And making a couple of baked items. And maybe a little writing. And I need to clean.

Maybe I’ll just hope for a nap.

This past Monday, I sent out the first official newsletter! This was both nerve-wracking and exciting. I’ve been debating doing a newsletter for several months, and I finally decided to go through with it. For those of you who signed up, THANK YOU! Spread the word! I’d also REALLY love to know what you think of it. Is there something you’d really like to see that wasn’t there? Something you hated? Something you loved?

I also spent last weekend in West Virginia at my Aunt and Uncle’s making sauerkraut. A LOT of it. My brother and his fiancée came, many of my aunt and uncle’s friends… there were probably 12 of us or so. We spent all day making 250+ pounds of green and red cabbage into 5 gallon crocks of kraut. Before you sneer, let me just tell you – homemade stuff is WAY different than the store bought. I loathe the stuff from a bag or can. But the homemade stuff is pretty good. If you want, I can write a post about making it sometime. It’s not hard.

I’ve been working on a new WIP again – a dark fantasy with elements from East of the Sun, West of the Moon and Bluebeard in it. When I say elements, I don’t mean literally. It started off with those two inspiring something that is quickly morphing into a story I hadn’t intended at all. But it’s okay, because I’m putting a villain in it I love, who’s never managed to make it into any of my stories. I think. We’re still working on his bit.

It almost looks like it might be fall soon around here. This is exciting. But I’m holding off making it official until it stays cool for a whole week!

And last, because I’m allowed to be mushy once in a while, I’ve officially been married for three months! Three?! Marriage is fun, and I love being married. There’s been some adjustments – I mean, there’s a boy there now All the Time! – but it’s amazing. And so I’m going to share one of my favorite wedding photos with you. Before you ask – yes, there is a mouse in my bouquet. No, he wasn’t there the whole wedding. That’s Supermouse. He’s as old as I am and always goes on my adventures. It seemed only appropriate that he would be present for this one!

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