Life Update and Writing…

Life Update and Writing…

I’m sorry I’ve slacked off lately on the blog. It has been a crazy couple of months. Thankfully, things are beginning to slow down. At the end of May, I got sick. I thought it was a the flu. Turns out it was a “tick-borne illness” except that I haven’t been bitten by a tick. At least not that I know of. If you know me, you know how diligent I am about checking for the little icky bloodsuckers. I can handle many things, but ticks give me the heebie jeebies. The best I can figure is that I got one while strawberry picking the week before with the fiance and Mom and didn’t notice/swiped it off my arm or something. Cause I didn’t see one, and I checked. The doctor insisted that they’re tiny this time of year and that’s why I might not have seen it.

Moral – always check for ticks. Twice. If you wonder who the chick is wearing long sleeves, a hat, with jeans tucked into her socks in 100 degree weather, just nod and wave at me, mmmmkay?

Then, just as I’m feeling better, I went to the hospital for an MRI on my back that had been scheduled weeks ahead. Sometimes I have one leg that hurts or goes numb. I freaked when they showed me the bill (What the crap am I paying health insurance for?!) but my mother, who insisted she drive up, came with and talked me down. I guess it was a good thing, since they found a bulging disc and “small tear” that sent me to the neurosurgeon/spine guy the following week. In the meantime, I’m supposed to move, but not lift anything.

Great. But we had some awesome help in the form of a friend and my brother and his wife, and we got it all in the new apartment. (THANK YOU!!!) I’m currently living with a friend and unpacking/organizing the new apartment in the meantime. 

School is finally out this week, I’ve seen the spine guy and been told it isn’t too bad – don’t be stupid and given medicine in case I need it – and next week I go to stay at my parents and get things done for the wedding. There’s a lot. I keep remembering things that needed done.

Of course, now that things are busy, my muse has perked back up. So I’ve outlined SUPERFREAK 2 completely (which is impressive.) except for one thing – and I may have to send some crit partners and writerly friends a question to resolve this – and I have another YA horror/urban fantasy I’m well into, AND I’ve rediscovered another MG novel that’s totally a boy scifi adventure. I’m actually quite excited to write that one.

In the meantime, some writer friends are getting great news, and they are making things equally exciting! If you haven’t gone and looked them up – Anne Blankman is getting fabulous reviews, nominated for awards, and is now speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and Rebekah Purdy has, like, a million books coming out in the next two years. Go check both of them out!

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