Meditate – Wednesday Muse

Meditate – Wednesday Muse


Photo Credit: Glen Johnson


They told me climbing up this mountain would help clear my head. So far, I was just dusty and sweaty. Nothing clear about it. But I smiled at the robed figure who led me down a pathway in the unbelievably quiet garden. There was a moss covered Buddha-type statue there, smiling, fat, and happy on the paving stones. It was a strange little statue. It was like a Buddha, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t really….peaceful. He motioned for me to have a seat on the plush red cushion, waiting until I did so before turning away and wandering back down the path. 

“Hey, don’t I get some kind of instruction or something?” I called out.

He turned around. “All the instructions will be given. You have only to wait.”

My hand fell to my side, and I blinked. His words were soft, but they felt almost gleeful. In a bad way. I looked around again, goose pimples rising on my arms. The monk, or whatever he was, was gone, hidden from me by thick stands of pine and lilies. 

The silence in the air turned into something oppressive. I shifted on the pillow, tucking my feet under me and resting my hands on my knees. 

“Let’s get this over with. The faster I meditate, the faster I can leave.” I muttered.

I took a deep breath and released it, closing my eyes.

“Why would you want to leave? You’ve only just arrived.” A voice said.

I opened my eyes, looking around. I saw no one. “Who’s there?” 

In front of me, the statue’s eyes snapped open and I screamed.

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