#menteemate CP signup!

#menteemate CP signup!

Hello! If you are a #PitchWars #menteemates and you’re looking for the CP sign up – you’ve hit the right place! I’m going to make Twitter lists for the different CP genres – so put your info in here and then I’ll post the links! If I’ve missed your genre or sub genre, just let me know in the comment box. I’ll make the Twitter lists and posts links as soon as I get them up!

    Want to Sign Up? Here’s the Place!

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  1. Thanks for organizing this! Great opportunities keep flying at us thanks to the great people involved with Pitch Wars!

  2. I have found a few people just by posting on Twitter, but I’d love to get a nice “writing group” together. This is a great idea. Thank you very much for all the work on our behalf!

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