I’ve totally hijacked my own blog this time. I’m not talking about writing. Why? Well, honestly, I haven’t done squat on my own writing, beyond making some notes. I’m blaming (and its valid!) being sick for a week for part of it. The other part is that this weekend is The Move.

Why capitalized? Because my fiance and I are moving into OUR apartment. I might not be living there until July, but the point is we’re moving! (Believe me, I can’t WAIT to get out of my current apartment. It looked good at first, but its just shady now. CAN’T. WAIT.)

I’ll post some pictures of the chaos as soon as I can. I’m pretty sure the cat-beast is also ready to leave. She’s been freaking out over all the boxes and upset for two weeks. She was SERIOUSLY freaked last night when I packed not one suitcase, but all three. I haven’t seen her since I finished packing them. She’s been sneaking around the apartment, hiding under whatever piece of furniture she can find.

I hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! Don’t forget to remember our veterans – living and passed. They gave up so much in order for us to be able to enjoy weekends with friends, family, outdoor grills, and fun times. So if you see one, know one, or are related to one, be sure to stop by and tell them thank you. Maybe even give them a hug.

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