Muse #24 – Down Deep

Muse #24 – Down Deep

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Photo Credit: Vanessa Barger

Down Deep

Tourists laughed as the heat beat down on my shoulders. I knew going into the mouth of that tunnel would be cool, there might even be a breeze. But there might be something else there. Something that always seemed to be waiting in the shadows for me. Calling my name, brushing icy fingers down my spine.

I didn’t know what it was or where it came from. It just seemed to find me, no matter how hard I tried to push it away.

Ethan nudged my elbow, giving me a goofy grin. “Bet there’s some dark corners in there we could put to good use.”

I giggled, a blush heating my cheeks even more. Sweat trickled down my spine and I let him take my hand and tug me into the mouth of the bunker. There were a few other people inside, I could hear them whispering to one another.

Just inside the door we both stopped, blinking and trying to get our eyes to adjust to the dim interior. Ethan pulled me to the right, down a hall that ends in another exit. He made a sharp left, and continued to barrel down the passage. My sneakers splashed in water standing inside, and I groaned, stopping to wipe my shin against my other leg.

“So gross. I mean, how long has that water been there? Chill out, Ethan. It’s not a race.”

“Sorry. It’s just a little water. Probably left over from the last time it rained.”

We continued, turning right into a large room with one naked bulb in the ceiling. We walked in and Ethan laughed, the sound booming around us and echoing.

“This is weird, Ethan.” I said. “Where did everyone go?”

The silence was deafening. He pulled me to the right, deeper in the room. There was a half wall and more room beyond. It was inky black. The light couldn’t touch anything on this side. He pulled me against his chest and rained kisses across my brow. I relaxed into him, telling myself that it was just the dark making my hair stand on end.

Just the dark.

His lips pressed against mine, tight. A growl thrummed around us.

“What the hell? There must be an animal in here.”

He stepped away, and I grabbed at his hand. Goose pimples broke across my flesh in a a wave. “Leave it, Ethan. Let’s go.”

He shook me off, took two steps into the dark, and then there was silence. Too much silence.

A deep voice slithered out of the blackness like oil on water. “Is he worth saving, Mallory?”

I sighed, remembering the warmth of Ethan’s kiss, then stepped into the abyss.

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