My First Author Appearance!

My First Author Appearance!

Last Sunday I went to Quail Ridge Books and Music in Raleigh, NC for my very first appearance as a real live author. Let me tell you, it is something else to see your book on a shelf in a REAL STORE. There’s nothing like it!
Hubby and I left extra early, just in case and got there with three hours to spare. So I took him in Whole Foods (He’d never been in one!?! This was something that had to be rectified. I love the bulk section!) and got him sushi for lunch. I did not eat. He couldn’t understand how I didn’t eat anything until well AFTER the event. Like, around 5. I prefer to keep food IN my stomach. That’s why. lol

But I shouldn’t have been nervous! We walked up, and first thing I noticed is that there was a sign in the window, complete with some of the books, including mine!

Then I walked inside, and there were MULTIPLE displays with the book and information about the event. Then I noticed that famous author type people come here on a regular basis. My whole day was made. And the butterflies in my stomach turned to blackbirds. I also had to double check the shelf. So cool to see my book nestled in between books with real authors! Like, they were famous books!
Then I met the fabulous Georgia McBride, and the other panel authors, who are also fabulous! The whole thing was a blast. The audience was great, and the questions were fun to answer. I flubbed a bit on my introduction, but I hope I’ll do better next time! 

I only signed one book – to the young lady, thank you for being the first book I’ve ever signed! 

The whole experience was very cool, I met some amazing authors who I hope to get to know better, and I got some good ideas for the future. I can’t wait to do something like this again!

I’ve included some pictures below of the actual panel. Click to see them in all their glory! (Hubs took them so they are mostly of me.) The other authors who were at the panel included: Nicole Conway, Pab Sungenis, Vicki L. Weavil, Brynn Chapman, Jen McConnel, and Leigh Statham.

Also, this book store has the coolest bathroom ever! Covered in signed photos of the famous authors that have signed there. Rocking chairs and books and so cool.

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