The Thirteen Days of Halloween!

The Thirteen Days of Halloween!

Its my favorite month – October – and we’ve hit the thirteenth day before Halloween. I think that’s the perfect time for a giveaway! This time, there are two options. Enter one, or enter both – your choice! I’m giving away a pretty awesome bunch either way!

If you want to win the YA pack, you’ll get:


For the MG Prize Pack, you’ll get

A signed copy of A WHISPERED DARKNESS with fancy handmade ribbon bookmark
Some items to help you haunt your home –
a skull candle,
a bunch of silver skulls,
a bracelet,
an electronic candle with the sweet haunted scene. 

A few bookmarks for A WHISPERED DARKNESS and SUPER FREAK (not pictured)

A signed copy of SUPER FREAK
A puzzle book
A clip on book light
Halloween erasers & mini pins
Pumpkin tea light holder
Eye bubbles
Monster Pen

​Want to win? Sign up using the rafflecopters- you can sign up for one or for both!!! I can’t wait to hear your ghost stories – I’ve been itching to finish the next horror novel I started. Maybe reading one of your stories will be just the inspiration I need!

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  1. My mom and stepdad totally bought a haunted house. Sometimes when we’d drive by we’d see a face in the attic window. . .

  2. Well, seems my family has a long history of settling into houses where ghosts already live. From the dishes that would fly out of my grandmother’s cupboard to the constantly locking basement I lived with my mom. And there’s the apparition my sister-in-law and I saw in the club we own… a blob of light. I said, did you see that? She said, uh-huh… I could go on, but I may save a few stories for fiction. 🙂 I can’t wait to read your book!

  3. The house we live in right now is haunted! I am pretty sure it’s the man who built it. He seems harmless enough, but it’s unnerving to see a tall, white haired gentleman standing around out of the corner of my eye all the time. Granted, I could just be crazy 😉 Congrats on the book! My kids will love it!

    1. Wow! That would be highly disconcerting, but at least he’s harmless, right? still… WOAH! Thank you, and I hope they love it!!!!

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