Wednesday Muse #28 – Dances with Devils

 Wednesday Muse #28 – Dances with Devils


Photo Credit: Vanessa Barger

Dances with Devils

I know it isn’t about a door. Its what lies behind it…


They say I was born with a forked tongue and hooved feet. That my mother danced with devils and lay with demons. All of it is lies. No one is born inherently evil. I’ll allow that perhaps some of us are conceived with an inclination toward the dark.

No matter what anyone says, it is always a choice.

I was not an evil child. I cried, I ate, I filled diapers, learned dirty words, ran through the woods. If sometimes I enjoyed other’s suffering more than other children, it might only be chalked up to the unbiased curiosity of youth. When you could get away with precocious questions with an innocent smile and wide eyes.

Then I got a taste of it. Not blood—though it has its own virtues—but magic. The power of it flowing through me like the slow arc of a comet across the night sky was a drug. I relished that, craved it, and made my choice.

We are all what we choose to be, in the end.

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