Edits and a Shiny New/Old Project

Edits and a Shiny New/Old Project

Good news! I finished the first round of edits for my upcoming Middle Grade novel, SUPERFREAK! Now I just have to bite my nails and worry until they send back an email telling me I missed things. I worry about this anytime I send edits back. I can’t help it. I think every author does.

Right? I hope so, anyway.

But, having those edits done is a load off my back, at least for now. I’ve got this other project, you see. Its an old one. I wrote (no lie) 40K and 150 ish pages on it and then abandoned it. Straight out left it there and decided it was a piece of crap.

Yeah. I do things like that.

So while procrastinating…errr… editing a few days ago, I rediscovered it. And reread it. And I kind of liked it.

Oh, its got issues. But I can fix them. And then driving home, while I was supposed to be brainstorming about the edits, I got this great idea for the other. A whole scene actually. I jotted down notes. And now I’m free to work on it again.

My goal is to have it out for Betas by February. Its a dark fantasy, but the beginning is the weakest part. I have to fix that. Make it darker there to match the darkness of the end. 

Its a relief to have something I can work on, knowing that I also have three other things right now that are either started or I have notes for. With everything that’s been going on, I’d started to worry I’d lost my writing mojo. But I haven’t!

What do you have going on? Ideas for how to keep on track with your writing?

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