School Visits and Routines!

School Visits and Routines!

Today I went to St. Clare Walker Middle School in Middlesex County, Virginia. I did a whole school visit and several workshops for the different grade levels. I’ve been nervous about this all week, because my publisher also gave me approval to read the students a sneak peek of SUPERFREAK. 

Serious nerves here, people. I was terrified that they’d hate it and boo me off the stage. Instead, they seemed to really enjoy it, and several of them asked me for the date it would be out. I even had one who kept trying to come up with reasons why I should let him read it in advance. 

So that was a major highlight of my day. The other was the 6th grade girl who stopped on her way out to tell me I did a good job and it deserved a hug. Authors need reassured too sometimes, and that totally did it.

So today was good! 

I’m starting library media classes this week too, and I’m getting into the habit/routine of writing at least one hour every day. So far the current WIP has had some major word count leaps as a result. I’m excited for this one – and yet still don’t think the beginning is strong enough. I’m trying to decide how to combine this one and the other one I started, which has a much better opening, and really a much better MC. Of course, they  have villians in each that would rather kill each other than share the spotlight. And the MCs are so different they don’t really compare… minor details, you know?

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