I have been cirminally negligent in regards to my blog. I’m sorry! Forgive me!

Things have been crazy. My husband and I have been working on buying a house, and between that process and the holidays, and some other things of which I can’t speak yet, the blog has taken a backseat. Sadly, a great many writerly things have. And are likely to continue to as we start the process of packing, finish the process of buying a house, and all the things going on at work as well.

But, if you’re going to be in the Charlottesville, Virginia area for The Festival of the Book in March, I hope you’ll come to the panel event that I’m going to be participating in! It will be Saturday, March 19, and I’ll be there with other AMAZING authors. If you’re there, do stop by and say hello!

In the meantime, the latest manuscript is out with agents and everything is crossed. I hope you’re doing well!

And if you’re really, really bored, you can check out what I do when I’m stressed on my other blog – 

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