Life and Writing….

Life and Writing….

This year has not been good for blogging thus far. I know I apologized before, but I’m still sorry!

Here’s the quick and dirty update – we’re moving! We will officially sign papers on our first house in April, assuming everything goes as planned! WOAH! Its like we’re grown-ups or something!

I’m also happy to be able to say that next year I’ll be a high school librarian, and I’m excited for the new opportunities that will bring – I mean, technology AND books, all day? YES PLEASE!

I’m also still querying my Middle Grade Scifi and keeping everything crossed. I do love this story, and I hope that I get the chance to share it with everyone. I mean, it has space worms. What’s not to love, right?

Moving and the prospect of changing jobs and the end of the year approaching have all made things super nuts around our house. But I did have the opportunity this past weekend to go out to Charlottesville, VA for the Festival of the Book, where I got to participate in a panel with Kat Spears and Shelley Sackier, who were both awesome. Bonus, I got to get a book signed by Victoria Schwab, who I really admire. Sometime I’ll get up the nerve to actually speak to her, but until then, I’ll just read her books. 🙂

​What have you been up to?

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