Temptation- Muse Sept 23

Temptation- Muse Sept 23


Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire – http://www.gratisography.com


They say the box has always been there. Different places. Different forms. But it keeps popping up. Like a bad penny, as the ancient saying goes. Its temptation. Pandora’s box. The Ark. The one thing that no one should open, but no one can keep themselves from trying.

I wasn’t expecting to find it here. Wasn’t even looking for it. Not like the others. Bartholomew will be furious when he finds out I came across it in this abandoned warehouse. The city is a mess, but there are a few strange buildings left standing, their walls crisp white, immune to the decay that has taken over the other buildigs. 

I wonder why. 

Two steps closer, and the pull is undeniable. But I remember something my grandmother said to me once: “If you come across something you want so bad you can taste it, walk away. If you still want it when it isn’t in sight, then go back and see if its still there. Usually, it isn’t. The bad things don’t wait so long, you see. They want you now, not later.”

That advice has served me well. But this time, I can’t quite bring myself to turn away. In fact, the tips of my shoes are touching the edge of the box, and I can hear it humming. Feel it humming. My name. A song I remember but don’t at the same time.

I reach out and touch it.

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